How do I create contacts from Conversations?

Important notice: Conversations feature

Please note: As of now, it is no longer possible to purchase the Conversations feature new within MailBlue. Existing customers currently using Conversations can continue to use the feature as usual.

When a visitor leaves their email address in the chat via the form, a contact is automatically created. The same applies to emails forwarded to your Conversations inbox from senders whose details are not yet known. Another option is to place the email address in the Conversations javascript.

This article covers the following:

Creating contacts from the chat

In Conversations, you can use an email registration form. This is a mini form that only asks for the visitor's email address. It is visible in the chat conversation. When the visitor leaves their email address here, a contact is created in your MailBlue account. All conversations with the contact are visible in your Conversations inbox or under the 'Conversations' tab in the contact's profile.

To activate the form in the chats:

- Go to 'Settings' and then 'Conversations'
- Click on the 'Messages' tab
- Activate the toggle next to 'Email registration form'


When a visitor leaves their email address, you can add them to an automation using the 'submits form' trigger.

Creating contacts from a forwarded email / inbound mail

An inbound email is an email forwarded to your Conversations inbox via your custom email address (which you can create within Conversations). In other words, with this email address, you can forward the emails you receive in your personal inbox to the Conversations inbox. This way, you have all conversations (email and chat) in one overview.

When you receive such an email and the sender is not yet known in your MailBlue account, a contact profile is automatically created. You cannot trigger an automation with this, but you can search for the conversation history within Conversations and the profile itself.

Can I email contacts who have left their email address in the chat form?

No, they are not considered contacts who have officially completed an opt-in. Therefore, they are not added to your lists. This is because they have not specifically indicated that they want to receive your marketing emails.

You can always send a link in the chat to your opt-in form so they can subscribe to one of your lists if they wish.

What happens to visitors who leave the chat before leaving their details?

The chat widget places a cookie on your website visitor. When a visitor starts a chat and then leaves before leaving an email address, you can still find this conversation in your inbox. If the visitor returns to your website within 30 days without deleting cookies, they can also see the conversation again. They could then still leave an email address.

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