How do I create a link with Huddle?

By linking Huddle and MailBlue, you can ensure that contacts are assigned a user account in Huddle after subscribing to a list in MailBlue. Additionally, you can also ensure that this user account is directly linked to the correct 'levels' in Huddle, granting the appropriate access.

If a MailBlue contact does not have an account in Huddle yet, they will receive an invitation by email upon their first addition to Huddle. With this email, they can complete their user account. If someone already has an account in Huddle, only the level linked to a MailBlue action will be added to this account.

The integration is ideal when you want to give members access to Huddle components based on actions they take. For example, granting them access to a training based on a registration with a MailBlue form.

How do I set up a webhook for Huddle?

You can add MailBlue contacts as users to your Huddle environment using a webhook. You can add this webhook as a step in an automation, so when a contact goes through this step, the webhook will add them to Huddle. You can find the 'Webhook' step under the 'Conditions and Workflow' section in the overview of all automation steps.

Before this webhook can add someone, you need to set it up correctly. You will be asked for a webhook URL. In essence, this is the URL below:

Replace the orange parts with the information from your own Huddle account.

  • Replace with the URL of your Huddle.
  • Replace api_key with the API key of your Huddle. You can find this when creating a webhook. (Settings → Integrations → Webhooks)
  • Replace sku with the SKU of the webhook you just created in Huddle.

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