How do I create a webinar automation?

When you are hosting a webinar and you want to send a reminder to your contacts a few days in advance, you can set this up in MailBlue in various ways. One of the options is to use an automation that is already available in MailBlue and can easily be loaded. Namely the: Webinar Reminder Series.

This automation uses a list subscription as a starting trigger and sends a reminder to the subscribed contacts 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, and 1 day before the webinar date. Both the starting trigger and the timing of the emails to be sent can be easily adjusted to your liking.

In order for this automation to function correctly, you need to have a custom field in MailBlue where the webinar date is filled in. This can be automatically filled in through a form that contacts fill out, through an integration with your webinar program (such as Webinargeek), and/or a CSV file containing this information. You also need to create the content of the emails for each email action that occurs in this automation.

How to set up the webinar automation?

  1. Go to 'Automations' on the left side of the menu and click on 'Create an automated series' in the top right corner. Then type 'webinar' in the search bar on the right and select the 'Webinar Reminder Series'. Click 'Continue' to load it:


2. The webinar automation will load, on the right you will see a wizard appear. Click on 'Start Now' here.


3. You will then be guided through the 5 steps. In the first step, select the custom field where you have stored the webinar date by clicking on 'Select field' and opening the drop-down menu.


4. Next, click on 'Next' and go through the next 4 steps in the same way to set the goal actions for the webinar data.

After this, you will arrive at the overview of your webinar automation. You can now fill in all the emails with your own content. Go to the relevant email you want to fill in, click on the email, and then click 'Edit' to create this email yourself. Do this for each email in the automation:



How do I adjust the timing of the wait steps?

The timing of each email depends on both the conditions set in the 'Goal' and the conditions in the subsequent wait step. You can adjust both to your liking.

To be able to adjust the number of days before the webinar that an email is sent, click on the 'Goal' above the wait step and the email:


Next, click on the link below the target conditions in the widget:

Now you can adjust the number of days before the webinar date that the email is sent out by entering a different number in the last field:

The date-based condition offers a plus and minus option. 'Plus' should be considered as 'X number of days BEFORE the date stored in its own field' and 'minus' should be considered as 'X number of days AFTER the date stored in its own field'.

You can also click on the wait steps under the goals to adjust the specific time for sending the emails:


Next, click on the already set condition:

If you want the email to be sent at 8 AM, you can achieve this by setting the condition to 'Current time is 8 AM':


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