How do I add MailBlue to my Outlook account using a plugin?

The Outlook plugin is available in your Outlook email account. It connects to MailBlue and can perform actions without having to navigate away from the inbox.

Please note: the plugin is only available with a MailBlue Plus or Professional subscription.

How does the Outlook Add-In work with MailBlue?

The Outlook Add-In is available to assist you with your MailBlue email communication, deals, and tasks without having to leave your Outlook inbox.

With the Outlook Add-In, you can:

  1. Add contacts to your MailBlue account

  2. View a contact profile and edit fields in your inbox

  3. View and edit custom fields of contacts

  4. View deals, edit deal stages, and view a list of deals related to a contact

  5. Add a contact to an account

  6. View a list of tasks, mark tasks as complete, and navigate to MailBlue for more information on tasks

  7. Supports mandatory fields: contacts, accounts, deals

  8. Create new accounts (please note: you cannot view an account)

How can I set up the Outlook Add-In?

The Outlook Add-In is easy to install. Follow the steps below to add the plugin to your web browser:

Installation for Outlook on the web

  1. Open an email in your Outlook account. This can be from the Inbox, Drafts, Compose, or elsewhere

  2. In the top right corner of the email, you will see 'More actions'. Click on it, and a window will appear

  3. Click on 'Get Add-Ins'. A window with a search bar will appear

  4. Search for MailBlue and click on the app's installation button when it appears in the search results

Installation for Outlook on desktop

  1. Open an email in your Outlook account. This can be done from your Inbox, Drafts, Compose, or elsewhere

  2. In the header of your Outlook program, you will see various icons and buttons. Within these options, you will see 'Add Add-In' or an icon with 'More actions'

  3. If you see 'Add Add-In', click on this option

  4. If you see the 'More actions' icon, click on this option and then on 'Add Add-In'

  5. A search bar will then appear

  6. Search for MailBlue in the pop-up window that appears and click on the installation button in the program when it appears among the search results

Once the Outlook Add-In is installed, you will see it in emails as an option to synchronise information:


Please note: Microsoft does not make the option to add-ins available in all subscriptions. Therefore, always check what the possibilities are within your own package.

How do I log in to my MailBlue account in Outlook?

  1. Click on an email and open it

  2. Open the task pane sidebar via the tooltip pinned to the header of your email or via the 'More actions' icon in the email header

  3. Once the task pane is loaded, you will see a sign-in button. Click on the sign-in button and log in to your account

  4. After signing in, you will see the task pane and the features in the Office and SharePoint add-in working

How do I pin the MailBlue icon?

Please note: the Add-In should already be pinned by default. If you do not see it pinned in your email view, follow the steps below.

For easy access, you can pin the MailBlue (ActiveCampaign) icon to the header of your email:

  1. Select the settings cogwheel in the top right corner of your Outlook page

  2. At the bottom of the menu, select 'Show all Outlook settings'

  3. In the window that appears, select 'Customise actions' on the left side of the modal window

  4. Scroll to the message section, where you will see the MailBlue (ActiveCampaign) icon as one of the options. Select that option and press save.

You can then close the window. From now on, you will be able to see the MailBlue (ActiveCampaign) icon in the header of every email view

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