What does the message mean: 'Action required: you need to grant permission

Have you received a notification 'Action required: you need to grant authorisation' in the portal environment? This article provides more information on how to resolve this.


Action required: you need to grant authorisation


You will see this notification:

  • When you previously paid by invoice and now want to pay by direct debit
  • We do not have authorisation from you
  • The direct debit has failed previously

Therefore, we need a new authorisation. Click on 'grant authorisation' and enter your IBAN details here. The subscription costs will be automatically debited at the next renewal.


Credit card

Prefer to pay by credit card?

  • Go to login.mailblue.nl and enter your details to log in to the portal environment.
  • Click on 'Data' in the menu.
  • On the right, you will find the option to adjust your direct debit authorisation.
  • Click on 'Prefer to pay by credit card?' and enter your details.

Watch the explanation in the form of a video below:

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