Where can I find the API documentation to develop a connection with MailBlue on my own?

Do you want to develop your own integration with MailBlue? You can! In this help article, you can find where to locate the API documentation for developing your own integration with MailBlue.

Please note: proficiency in programming language is required to work with the API documentation.

An API (Application Programming Interface) integration is a coding interface that enables two applications to communicate with each other. This could involve an integration between MailBlue and WooCommerce, Shopify, or another e-commerce system. However, this is not limited to just e-commerce systems. You can integrate MailBlue with many other programs based on an available API integration.

To develop an integration for MailBlue, you need to refer to the documentation from the ActiveCampaign website. MailBlue is the Dutch reseller of the American ActiveCampaign. You can find the ActiveCampaign documentation on this webpage.

It is recommended to first review and apply the example configurations before starting your own integration. The API section of the configuration file defines the API used in an integration. It has two subsections: base_url and pagination. For more detailed examples and explanations, refer to the Configuration Specification API page.

Once you have built your own API integration and want to test it, you can retrieve the API key and URL from your own MailBlue account.

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