How can I migrate images to the new Content Manager?

When you used the previous Image Manager to store images for your campaigns, you need to migrate them to the new Content Manager. This migration is required. Fortunately, the migration process is simple and only requires a few steps to complete. Users will still have access to the old Image Manager while the images and folders are being migrated.

Any admin user can initiate the automatic migration. After logging in to your MailBlue account, there are two ways to start the migration:

  • Go to 'Campaigns' and then click on 'Content Manager'.


  • Create a campaign or form with images. The Content Manager will open when you insert an image.


To use the Content Manager, click the button below to add your existing images to the new library. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The option to move images is only available to the admin users of the account.
  • All images and folders from all users in an account will be moved to the new Content Manager.
  • While these images are being processed, you still have access to the old Image Manager.
  • You will receive an email notification once this process is completed.
  • Once all images are moved, all users in the account will have full access to the new Content Manager.

The migration of images from the old Image Manager to the new Content Manager works automatically. Once started, all images and folders from all users in your account will be transferred to the new Content Manager. An email notification will be sent to the administrator/admin user who initiated the migration to confirm that the migration is complete.

The updated Content Manager will be visible upon refreshing the page or when navigating back to the sub-navigation of the Content Manager or to the direct Content Manager environment.

Please note! Non-admin users/users who are not administrators will continue to experience the outdated Image Manager until a member of the admin team/admin users initiates the migration process.

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