How do I subscribe if I am a customer of the Social Media Entrepreneur?

If you have a membership with the Social Media Entrepreneur, you will receive a discount on your subscription with MailBlue!

After signing up for a membership, you will receive a voucher worth €108 in MailBlue credit. This is equivalent to a Lite 500 contacts annual subscription. You can of course also use the credit on another subscription to take advantage of the discount.

With the credit, you can exactly purchase a Lite 500 annual subscription, allowing you to use the software for free for one year. You can also opt for a monthly subscription, in which case the credit will be used up faster. If the value of your subscription is higher than the credit, it will be deducted as a discount.

Already have a trial account with MailBlue? You can convert the trial account to a paid subscription, you can read here how to arrange this. After entering your details, you will have the option to enter your personal code under "voucher".

If you do not have a trial account, follow the steps as described here to activate your account. You can add the voucher after entering your details.

Already have a subscription with ActiveCampaign? No problem! You can transfer it to MailBlue and still benefit from the discount. This will then be deducted from the next renewal of your subscription. In this article, you can read how to switch to MailBlue.

Attention! After enjoying one year of free use of your subscription, your subscription will be automatically renewed.

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