Where can I find deal task reports?

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With the deal task reports, sales managers can track and report on their team's overall progress in executing deal tasks and their performance.

This report allows you to see how many tasks have been assigned, overdue, or completed for your sales representatives. The report also shows the total number of deals, deals with overdue tasks, deals without tasks, and how many deals are associated with each salesperson.

Contact tasks are not included in this report.

In this help article, you will learn more about:

Please note: account users assigned to the admin group and/or who have permission to view deals reports have access to this report. Click here for more information on user rights.

Accessing the deal task reports

To access the deal task reports, follow the steps below:

1. Click on 'Reports' in the left-hand menu
2. Click on "Goal Reports > Task Overview'

The deal task report will load and display activity for tasks and deals from the past 14 days.


Filtering the deal task reports

The top of the report contains four different options that you can use to filter your data. You can use one filter or multiple filters to customise your view. Click on 'Related to' and select 'Deals'.


  • Pipeline
    You can use the pipeline dropdown to view task statistics based on all pipelines or a specific pipeline.
  • Task type
    You can use the task type dropdown to view task statistics based on the following task types: call, email, lunch, meeting, appointment, as well as any custom task types you have created.
  • Task owner
    You can use the task owner dropdown to view task statistics for all task owners or an individual task owner.
  • Task created
    You can use the date dropdown to view task statistics for the following: today, yesterday, last 7, 14, 30 days, and custom date range.

Below the filters is the statistics dashboard. The values displayed here depend on the filters selected at the top of the report.

Details of the task owner's results

At the very bottom, you will find a table with overviews of the results per deal owner.


The table contains individual task owners and their metric data. The statistics included for each owner are:

  • The deal owner
  • Open tasks
  • Total number of tasks
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