How do I use 'follow-up suggestions' in my automation?


Automations help you to make your marketing and sales faster, smarter, and more personal at every touchpoint. But do you know how to build your automations in such a way that you can offer the best experience to each contact?

Within MailBlue, you can easily get started with automations that we have readily available for you. Recently, we have developed 'Predictive Funnels'. The first tool for intelligent recommendations within the email marketing landscape, offering personalised suggestions.

There are times when 'ready-made recipes' do not provide the customisation you need. You want to build an automation yourself to achieve specific desired results.

What if it were easier than ever to build those automations? What if you received advice on what the next best step in an automation could be? What if it took less time, so you could focus on other tasks within your business?

That's where 'Next Step Suggestions' comes in handy.

Please note: Generally, we strongly advise against making adjustments to an active automation. This can lead to unexpected errors. Therefore, always set the automation to 'Inactive' before you start working on it!

If it is a situation where it is necessary for the automation to be 'Active' (e.g. contacts starting at a specific point), it is better to leave it aside.

Next Step Suggestions: Data-driven recommendations to build powerful automations

'Next Step Suggestions' uses data based on the knowledge/intelligence of thousands of MailBlue customers, a dataset larger than any other marketing automation provider. All to analyse the step you have added to your automation and then suggest the most useful next action. This means you can feel more confident about what you are implementing, save time, and at the same time create dynamic and personalised experiences to build more interaction with your contacts.

When you add an 'Send Email' or 'Add Deal' step in the automation builder:

  1. A dialog box will appear, with suggestions for the next step, next to the added step. The window contains the suggestions that you can select to insert as the next step in your automation.
  2. If you select a recommendation in the dialog box, the selected block will be inserted as the next step within your automation and the dialog box will disappear. If you want to edit the new block, you can easily make adjustments.


Do you want to better understand the steps within automations, discover new ideas, or simply save time? The 'Next Step Suggestions' feature can provide you with this insight!

Often, only ready-made automations are offered that do not allow for customisation. With other platforms, you may be able to build an automation, but the possibilities are often limited, resulting in less optimal outcomes. With a one-size-fits-all approach, you cannot integrate with your favourite tools or create good customer experiences at every touchpoint.

With MailBlue's automation builder, you can customise every step, allowing you to build the paths you need to achieve the desired results.

The 'Follow-up suggestions' feature provides guidance that you can use with just one click. Tasks are taken off your hands, allowing you to focus on providing the human attention that automations cannot replace.

Follow-up suggestions help you work smarter, not harder

Every email, every phone call, and every sale contains personal data. Wouldn't it be great if you could use that data to resolve difficult questions in your customer journey?

'Follow-up suggestions' is a solution that leverages predictive intelligence and machine learning. This allows you to better utilise your data to make the right decisions.

Win Probability

Don't waste time on leads that will never convert into customers. Don't miss out on leads that were almost converted but slipped away. By knowing which leads have a higher probability of becoming actual customers, you can have your sales team focus on those deals. This way, you can ultimately close more deals and win more customers. Win Probability utilises hundreds of factors to provide deep insights into your sales process. It's as if our data science team is working for your business.

Predictive Sending

Not everyone checks their email at the same time. When contacts receive your emails at their preferred times, they are more likely to open them, read more, click on links more, and ultimately make more purchases. To use Predictive Sending, simply tick a box and our system will rank every hour of the day based on a contact's usual opening time. MailBlue uses this data to ensure that your emails are sent at the right time for each contact, when the chances of them responding are highest.

Please note: the 'Predictive Sending' functionality is only available with a professional subscription. Additionally, this feature does not work with Apple Mail users.

Predictive Content

You write different versions of your emails and the system ensures that each contact receives a message that best suits them. Each contact receives a message chosen for them based on their past data, using MailBlue's natural language processing model. More relevant content means more conversions from your emails.

Predictive Recipes

Automations can take care of things that no one else has time for. What if you don't have time to set up automations? Receive personalised recommendations in the platform based on information from all MailBlue users.

Let machines do machine things so people can do people things

Some things are better solved by humans, while other tasks are better performed by machines. Let machines process data so you can provide the personal touch that machines cannot replace. Once the numbers are crunched for you, you can focus on your business.

MailBlue uses predictive solutions and machine learning to scale your business, not your workload!

'Follow-up suggestions' are available to all users. Log in with your current account and start using it now, or try it out with a free MailBlue trial account.

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