How to manually skip a waiting step?

Wait steps are elements that can be added to an automation to only move contacts forward when certain conditions are met and/or until a certain time has passed.

Each wait step displays a 'Queue' indicating how many contacts are in the wait step.


You may wish to allow a contact to progress in an automation without meeting the wait time or wait conditions. This can be valuable, for example, when testing your automation. In this case, you can manually skip the wait step.

To manually skip a wait step, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the automation flow of the contact for which you want to manually skip the wait step. You can open this by selecting the automation in the contact profile or by selecting the contact from the queue.

    > Via contact profile: to start, open the contact profile of the relevant contact from the 'Contacts' screen. Then, find the relevant automation and click on it. In the screen that appears, choose 'Show' to open the path.


    > From the queue: at the relevant wait step, a queue with a number of waiting contacts is displayed, open this by clicking on it. Then, select the contact for which you want to skip the wait step. The automation path will then open.

  2. In the automation flow, scroll to the wait step that can be manually skipped. You will see the following screen:


  3. Click on 'Skip this wait action' next to the wait step.

  4. In the automation flow of your contact, a cross will now be displayed next to the relevant wait step. This indicates that the wait step has been skipped without meeting the wait conditions and/or wait time.


After this action, the contact will proceed to the other steps within the automation. The above can be repeated as needed.

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