How to prevent text with 'hidden formatting'?

For processing written texts, many people use a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. When copying text from such a program, there is a chance that 'hidden formatting' is included. This 'hidden formatting' can affect how campaigns and automated emails are displayed to recipients.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. What is 'hidden formatting' of text?
  2. 'Hidden formatting' in MailBlue
  3. How to prevent 'hidden formatting'?

What is 'hidden formatting' of text?

As the name suggests, 'hidden formatting' is text formatting that is not visible in the word processing program. This gives the impression that when you copy this text, you are only copying the letters, but nothing could be further from the truth. The 'hidden formatting' is also carried over when copying. When the text is pasted, there is a chance that the 'hidden formatting' is not displayed here either. This creates the idea that the text is not formatted when it actually is.

'Hidden formatting' in MailBlue

Pasting text into a campaign or automated email within MailBlue is not a problem. However, MailBlue - like the word processing programs mentioned earlier - does not display the 'hidden formatting' of text. This may cause your text to look different in the email builder than what your recipient will see.

Please note: this only concerns the formatting of the text, not the actual written text itself. That will remain the same.

Whether the recipient of your campaign and/or automated email will see the 'hidden formatting' is not a setting in MailBlue, but depends on the email provider used by the recipient. Some email providers read the invisible formatting, causing the text to suddenly look different, while others do not.

How to prevent 'hidden formatting'?

Naturally, you want your campaigns and automated emails to not contain 'hidden formatting' and to be displayed as designed in the email designer. To ensure that the text has no 'hidden formatting', you can perform one of the following options.

  • Work directly in the email designer
    'Hidden formatting' arises from copying text from a word processing program. If the text is processed directly in the email designer, there will be no 'hidden formatting' behind the text.
  • Paste without formatting
    If you still wish to copy text from a word processing program, you can 'paste without formatting'. This is done by using a different key combination on the keyboard than you are used to for pasting text.

    The key combinations to paste text without formatting are:
    Windows: Control (ctrl) + Shift (⇧) + V
    Apple: Command (⌘) + Shift (⇧) + Option (⌥) + V

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