How do I create a link with TicketMatic?

It is possible to link TicketMatic with your MailBlue account by using the AppConnex integration. In this article, you can read about the content of the integration. For more information, you can also read this blog, where the MailBlue automation possibilities in combination with the integration are explained.
Please note: for this integration, you need to have a Plus or Professional subscription.

Content of the integration

  • Synchronization of customer data: first and last name, email address. If known in TicketMatic: address details, date of birth, relationship types, and lists.
  • Synchronization of ticket data: number of performances, artist name, name of the performance, genre, price, date and time of the performance.
  • Synchronization of order data: last order amount, last order currency, last order name of the performance, last order number of products, last order date, last order artist name, last order genre.
  • Reporting capabilities: total revenue, total number of orders, number of purchased products. Also selectable by month, quarter, and year.

How do I activate the integration?

Schedule a demo via this link and indicate in the description that you are interested in the TicketMatic integration. We will then provide you with a demo of the integration and the automation possibilities. After the demo, we can set up the integration for you.
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