Why do we sometimes ask where your contacts come from?

In this article, we will explain why you may receive an email from MailBlue in which we ask you some questions regarding the collection of your contacts. Based on a high spam rate, your account may be subjected to further investigation by our technical team. A review process is carried out to optimise the deliverability of your campaigns and automation emails. This investigation is part of the approval process for your account and cannot be bypassed.

In this article, we will cover:

If you are curious about the factors that can cause a high spam rate, click here.

What kind of questions can you expect?

The questions asked by our technical team relate to the structure of your mailing list and the campaigns/automation emails you have scheduled. These questions provide a snapshot in the review process.

Below are some examples of questions you can expect:

  • How did you build your contact list? How did you acquire this contact list?
    Examples include a form on the website, connections via LinkedIn, business cards, etc.
  • Can you demonstrate that these contacts have given permission to be emailed?
  • How often do you send emails to email addresses that have not been opened in the last 6 months?
  • How often do you test new subject lines and content?
  • Have there been any changes or events that could have led to a high number of spam complaints?


Why are these questions asked?

The questions asked by the technical team are intended to gain a better understanding of your account. The ultimate goal is to protect the deliverability of your emails. This deliverability is an important part of your email marketing and sender reputation.

The answers provided during the investigation are processed as an internal note in your account. This note helps prevent similar notifications and delays in the future. The investigative process will therefore only occur once for your account.

For more information on the importance of good deliverability, see this article.


Preventing spam notifications

A high spam rate can often be prevented with the right settings or by proactively reviewing campaigns and automation emails. Settings to consider include:

Additionally, it is good to review the internal spam check and/or have the mail-tester perform a check. All these options help reduce your spam rate and therefore improve your deliverability.

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