How can I retrieve my old data?

For example, have you accidentally deleted a campaign or made a change in the automation that caused part of the path to disappear? In some cases, it is possible to recover this data! In this article, we will tell you more about it.

Modifying Automations

Imagine you have made a change in an automation. Subsequently, the entire path in your automation has also been adjusted (unintentionally) due to this change. In this case, you can easily restore the automation! To do this, click on the clock icon at the top and modify the path/your automation as desired.


Depending on the changes you have made in the automation, you can click on the previous adjustments. Before restoring the automation, you can review the old version once again.


Restoring/Modifying Campaigns

If you have deleted a (sent) campaign from your account, unfortunately, it is not possible to undo this action. Before permanently deleting a campaign, you will receive the following notification:

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 11.40.23.png

It is also not possible to recover the content of this deleted campaign. Normally, you can reuse the content of previous campaigns under 'Previous campaigns' (in the design environment of a new campaign).

Your campaign will also no longer be visible under 'Reports'.

However, in the design environment of your campaign, you can use a similar function as the 'clock' in automations. If you have deleted your text (too far) and did not save it elsewhere, don't worry, you can use the button at the top right to go back a step. This way, you can retrieve your previously written text, for example.


If you are several steps ahead, you can also restore older versions via the revision history. Click on the clock icon > view the version history and select the version you want to recover. Then click on 'Restore'.



When deleting a list, all contacts (regardless of the contact's status) on this list will be removed. Before permanently deleting the list, you will receive the following notification:

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 13.40.07.png

Unfortunately, the action of deleting a list cannot be undone, and therefore, it is not possible to recover this data.

We always recommend making an export of the list before permanently deleting it. Want to know how to make an export? You can read about it in this article.


If you manually delete a contact in 'Contacts', this contact is permanently removed from your account, and it is not possible to retrieve the contact's data.

When deleting a contact, you will receive the following notification:


If you have deleted something from your account that is not described in this article, you can always contact us via the ticket form. We will be happy to further assist you (with the possibilities)!


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