How do I create a direct link?

What are the benefits of a direct integration?
In this help article, we will explain the benefits of directly linking different software to your MailBlue account.
Especially if you have an E-commerce webshop, this can be interesting for your business. E-commerce stores often have a Deep Data integration. This creates a direct line between the software and your email marketing account, giving you access to almost all information from your E-commerce platform. This allows you to have a direct connection, where you can synchronise data from both sides. The so-called 'Two-Way-Sync'. Additionally, you can often load your historical data through the Deep Data integration.
What is the difference with a Lite integration?
With a MailBlue Lite subscription, you often need to work with an intermediary. This could be plugins or the external tool Zapier. With a Lite integration, the possibilities are very basic and data will only be sent from the software to your email marketing account. Also known as a 'One-Way-Sync'.
Good to know: MailBlue is a partner of the American company ActiveCampaign. When creating integrations, keep in mind that MailBlue and ActiveCampaign are the same, and you may need to choose the 'ActiveCampaign' option.
How do I create a direct integration?
In the video below, we explain how you can create a direct integration with another software using 'Apps' or 'Integrations' in your MailBlue account.
Please note: some integrations are only possible from a Plus subscription or higher.

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