How to integrate a video into a campaign?

With the video block in the email designer, it's easy to add a video to your email or campaign. By using the drag-and-drop system, you can easily drag the block into your campaign.

Inserting a video into an email from an automation works the same as with campaigns, as you can read below.


Once you've dragged the block into your campaign, fill in the URL of the public link on the right side of the menu. This will then appear in your campaign.


The video block generates a screenshot of your video and displays it in your email with a play button. When contacts receive your email, they can click on the play button and go directly to your video. Below is an example of a video in a campaign.


It's not possible to add a video to the email that can also be played within the email. This is because many email providers do not support this and essentially send something that is 'broken' to your contacts. There is a high chance that your message will be marked as spam.

You can alternatively put the video on your website and link to your website in the email. This way, you still create an extra level of engagement with your contacts, and through site tracking, you can see who has visited your website.


What if your video is not public?

Attention! It's only possible to place a Vimeo or YouTube video when the link to the video is public. If it's an "unlisted" video, you can apply the following workaround:

Take a screenshot of your video and add it as a photo to your campaign. Behind this screenshot, you can then place a URL to your Vimeo or YouTube video, so that your contacts will be redirected to the respective video when they click on the image.

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