How do I send an email / campaign?

In this article, we will show you how to send a campaign, or a single email. If you prefer to watch the video, click here.

Before you can send a campaign, you need to create a list of contacts. Read how here.

Follow these steps to send a campaign

  1. Click on 'Campaigns' in the menu and then on 'Create a campaign' in the top right corner:


  2. In this example, we will choose a standard/single campaign. With this, you can directly send an email to your contacts or schedule it. Select 'Standard' and give the campaign a name. Then click on 'Next'. For more information about the types of campaigns, click here.


  3. You can now adjust the subject line, preheader, and sender information. Additionally, you will have the option to choose the list(s) to which you want to send the campaign. Once you select a list, you will have the option to create a segment. Read more about creating segments here. Click on 'Design in email designer'.


  4. Now choose the template you wish to use. You can select one of the standard templates or one you have used before (under the tab 'Previous campaigns'). Choose a template and click on 'Next' or choose 'Start from scratch' for a blank design environment.


  5. You can now customize the campaign as desired. The email consists of various content blocks and so-called 'Structures'. You can add new sections by selecting them on the right side menu and dragging them into the email.

    To remove a section, hover your mouse over the object. Then, three dots will appear on the right side. Hover over these dots, and a menu will expand, with the rightmost option being a trash can. Choose this trash can if you want to delete your item.

    Clicking on a section will display various editing options, both in the right menu and (in some cases) in the top bar of the page. Each section has different options, so take your time to explore them thoroughly.


    Not only individual parts can be edited, but entire sections can also be rearranged, copied, moved, and deleted. Pay close attention to the green outline to see which object or section/part you are working on. Additionally, it is also possible to choose 'Structures' and thus adjust/fill in the layout of your campaign.


    Your mobile version can now be customized separately. To do this, select 'Appearance' > 'Mobile formatting' in the right menu > expand the menu using the arrow.


    Once you are done, click on 'Next'.

  6. You will now return to the main screen. In this screen, you can:
    • Adjust the subject line and sender information
    • Modify the preheader text
    • Enable or disable open/read tracking
    • Enable or disable link tracking
    • Enable or disable reply tracking
    • Enable or disable Google Analytics
    • Schedule your email
    • Send test emails
    • Preview your campaign

  7. Once you are ready, click on 'Send Now' or 'Finish'.



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