How do I use personalization tags?

MailBlue offers personalisation tags for contact fields. Personalisation tags can be used in all types of subscriptions and deals. Personalisation tags for contact fields can be used to insert dynamic content in campaigns, automation emails, email subject lines, SMS messages, forms, one-on-one emails, "thank you" messages for forms, and deal titles in the CRM (Plus and Professional). Personalisation tags for deal fields can be used to insert dynamic content in campaigns, automation emails, and one-on-one emails.

You can use personalisation tags in your messages to create a highly personalised experience for your contacts and increase engagement with your communication.


How personalisation tags work

We automatically generate personalisation tags for system fields and each custom field you create. This includes custom contact fields and custom deal fields. Your account already has a list of standard personalisation tags that you can use.

When a personalisation tag is used in a campaign or automation email, the value of that tag is automatically inserted once the communication is sent to a contact. When the contact opens the communication, they will see the value for that tag and not the tag itself.

For example, if you want to address contacts by their first name in an email, you would insert the following personalisation tag:


When a contact receives the email, they will see their own name in the message.
Read more about this in this article.

You can use these personalisation tags in the following parts of MailBlue:

  • Campaign and automation email content
  • Email subject lines
  • Preheader text in emails
  • One-on-one emails
  • Site messages
  • SMS messages
  • Form fields (custom contact fields only)
  • "Thank you" messages for forms
  • Deal titles (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise subscriptions)

In the new designer, or email builder, this works a bit differently. Within this environment, you have a different button to add the personalisation tag to your campaign.

You first need to click somewhere in the text box, then a bar with editing options will appear. Choose the 'Merge tags' button. Then select the personalisation tag you want to use.  Personalisation_tag_.png

You can also manually type or copy and paste the personalisation tag into the text field.

NOTE: When copying and pasting these personalisation tags, make sure to do so without formatting. If you copy and paste with formatting, the tag will not work. Learn how to do this without formatting in this article.


List of personalisation tags

There is a standard list of personalisation tags in MailBlue that you can use. Below, we have listed the most commonly used tags for you:

Description Personalisation Tag Example
Email address %EMAIL%
First name %FIRSTNAME% Larissa
Last name %LASTNAME% Smit
Full name %FULLNAME% Larissa Smit
Phone %PHONE% 555-666-7777
Organisation %ORGANIZATION% MailBlue
Date subscribed %SUBDATE% 10/10/2011
Time subscribed %SUBTIME% 14:19:40
Unsubscribe link %UNSUBSCRIBELINK%


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