How do you place elements next to each other in the email designer?

The new email designer is used to shape your campaigns and automation emails. You can then send these to your contacts. In the email designer, you can use the drag-and-drop system to add various elements to your email.

This article will show you how to place these elements next to each other in the new email designer.

The drag-and-drop system can be found on the right side of the email designer under the heading 'Content' > 'Blocks'. Elements can be added to your email by clicking on them, holding them, and then dragging them to the desired location.


Using the drag-and-drop system, elements can be placed both below and next to each other. In the email designer, blocks are automatically placed below each other. To place blocks next to each other, you can choose a layout from 'Content' > 'Structures'. You can drag the chosen layout as you are used to in the drag-and-drop system.


Each element in the structure can be edited individually. You can do this by clicking on the element, then the editing options will open in the right menu.

Can I display images next to each other on mobile?

Definitely! With the new designer, it is also possible to display images next to each other when the campaign is viewed on a mobile device.

If you have placed the two images next to each other via 'Structure', you can edit them.


Click on 'Structure', and a menu will expand. Through this menu, you can adjust the images placed next to each other. If you scroll down in the menu, you will find 'Responsive structures'. Next to this term, there is a button that you can turn on and off. If you turn the button off, your images will be displayed next to each other on mobile devices. If you leave it on, the images on mobile devices will be placed below each other.


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