How to remove a level from a Huddle user via MailBlue?

You can use a webhook in MailBlue to add a user to a level in Huddle. If you are not aware of this, you can find more information in this article. Besides adding a level, it is also possible (using a webhook in combination with a funnel) to remove a level from a user.

Webhook basics

You can collect all data in Huddle to create the webhook in MailBlue. The base of the webhook URL is as follows:

Replace the coloured parts with the information from your own Huddle account.

- Replace the domain name of Huddle with the URL of your own Huddle. You can find the domain name at the top of the address bar when logged into Huddle.

- Find the Huddle API key in Huddle under 'Settings' > 'Integrations' > 'Webhooks'.

- The SKU of the product can be found in Huddle under 'Shop' > 'Products' (which you added when creating the product).

The levels selected in this webhook will be removed from the account.

The last part of the webhook (?email=%EMAIL%) does not need to be changed. This part is automatically filled in by MailBlue.

Automation in MailBlue

How do you apply this in your MailBlue account? Navigate within MailBlue to 'Automations' to create an automation or edit an existing one. Then click on the '+' sign to add the 'Webhook' action. This will be displayed in the 'Conditions and Workflow' category.


Once set up, the webhook will be triggered when a contact passes the action in the automation.

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