Can I create a newsletter in Canva and use it in MailBlue?

In this article, we will show you the possibilities of the Canva program.

Canva is an online design program where you can design online and offline communication with various templates. These can be elements for your campaign, a header, posts for social media, and much more!

You can create a free or a paid account. With a paid account, you have access to more templates, elements, and options to edit your images.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload fully formatted newsletters from Canva to MailBlue. However, you can design various elements in Canva and add them as images to your campaigns. For example, you can create a nice footer, header, or signature and use them in every campaign.


Creating Images in Canva and Adding Them to MailBlue

  1. Create your design within Canva. When you have finished, click on 'Share' in the top right corner. Here you will see multiple options. Below is an example of a header. 


  2. Click on 'Download'.

  3. Then choose the file type in which you want to download the image, such as JPG, PNG, etc.

  4. Download the file.

  5. Next, go to your campaign within MailBlue and add the image as desired.

Adding a Link Behind an Image

Once the image is added to your campaign, you can paste a link behind the image in MailBlue. When contacts click on the image, they will be redirected to your company's website or social media, for example. Here's how:

  1. Select 'Insert' and drag 'Image' to the desired position. An image frame will appear.
  2. Click on the frame and upload the image to the campaign as desired.
  3. Click on the image, you will see the options in the menu bar on the right change.
  4. Click on the cogwheel and add the link and action if necessary.
  5. The link is added behind the image.
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