What is the function Campaign Archive - Public / Closed?

You can choose to make your sent campaigns public. This way, you can share the sent campaigns with third parties so they can view these campaigns.

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What does the Campaign Archive entail?

Within the Campaign Archive, you will find a URL link through which third parties can access your sent campaigns. They cannot edit the campaigns, but they can view the sent campaigns.

The Campaign Archive can also be used to share an email again on social media. You can read more about this in this article.

Within the Campaign Archive, your campaigns are categorised based on the list to which the campaign was sent. Therefore, for each list, there are different URLs. With a specific URL, you can only find campaigns from the list for which you received the URL.

In the example below, you can see that one campaign 'Discount on your subscription!' was sent to the 'personal test list'. This campaign can be found using the URL in the example below.




If you receive this URL and enter it into your browser's address bar, you will be directed to the following page where you can find the relevant campaign:



Where can I find my Campaign Archive?

Go to 'Campaigns' > 'Archive' > 'Campaign Archive'.



Therefore, your previous campaigns are categorised based on the list to which the campaign was sent. For example, to find the campaigns you sent to the 'Newsletter' list, you first need to select this list:




When you switch lists, you receive a new URL. Therefore, there is no URL that allows you to view all campaigns for all lists.


How do I make a campaign public or private?

You can make your campaigns public or private in the summary of your campaign, or you can make all campaigns from a specific list private via the Campaign Archive.


Make a campaign public/private in the campaign summary

In the summary of your campaign, you will find the option 'Campaign Archive - Public | Private'. Here, you can indicate whether you want the specific campaign to be included in the public archive. For example, if you do not want a specific email to be accessible - for instance, because it contains a discount code - you can set this specific email to 'private'.




Make all campaigns from a list private in the Campaign Archive

In addition to the URL that you can share, you will find the 'disable' option. Clicking on this will make the URL inactive, and third parties will no longer be able to access the campaigns of that list via this URL.



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