How can I submit ideas for new MailBlue features?

Do you have ideas for a new feature in MailBlue? Or do you have suggestions to improve existing features?

We would love for you to share your ideas with us, as this way we can continue to optimise MailBlue together and make the user experience even better!

You can submit your idea via this website. Please note: because the team evaluating your ideas is English-speaking, we kindly ask you to submit your idea in English.


What happens to my idea after I submit it?

Once you have submitted your idea, it will be added to a list that is regularly reviewed. After an idea has been discussed within the team, it will be categorised based on the set priorities and goals. If an idea is 'trending', for example, if other MailBlue users have submitted a similar idea, it will be assigned a higher priority.

Finally, if the idea aligns with our overall vision, it will eventually be added as a feature to MailBlue, or the current feature will be adjusted within MailBlue based on your feedback.


What features in MailBlue were originally ideas from users?

Below you will find some features that have been implemented in MailBlue based on user ideas:

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