How do I integrate with Coupon Carrier?

With the direct Coupon Carrier integration, you can send unique and time-sensitive discount codes and coupons to your contacts in MailBlue.

Coupon Carrier can monitor your MailBlue account for new sign-ups or tags added to contacts. The integration can add unique codes to one or more custom fields of your contacts within MailBlue. The unique codes can be imported or automatically generated by e-commerce platforms supported by Coupon Carrier. Once the code is added to the contact's custom field within MailBlue, you can include it in your email or campaign using the corresponding personalisation tag.

This article covers the following:

How can I use Coupon Carrier for my MailBlue account?

  • Encourage sign-ups for lists by offering a discount code or coupon in your email(s) or campaign(s).
  • Add a unique code to a custom contact field when a specific tag is applied.
  • Import your own unique codes or generate them automatically in your e-commerce store.
  • With the available code list in Coupon Carrier, you can view all unique or automatically generated codes. Here you can also see to whom and when you have sent the code(s). The code list can be exported as a CSV file.

How do I create a coupon automation in MailBlue?

1. In your MailBlue environment, click on 'Contacts' in the menu, then when the menu expands, click on 'Fields'. Click on 'Add field' and create a new custom field. In this example, we will name this custom field 'Coupon'. This is the field where Coupon Carrier will add the coupon code.


2. Now create a new automation. In this example, we use 'Contact subscribes to list Testlist Coupon Carrier' as the starting trigger. I have created a list specifically for this automation called 'Testlist Coupon Carrier'.

3. Add an 'Add a tag' action to the automation to add a tag to a contact. The name of this tag is very important as we will use the same tag later in Coupon Carrier. Here we use 'add_code' as the tag.

4. To ensure that a code is passed from Coupon Carrier to MailBlue before a contact progresses further in the automation, add a wait action to the automation and set the condition that the 'Coupon' field must not be blank. This way, a contact will remain in the wait step until the contact field 'Coupon' is no longer blank.


5. Finally, add an action to send a campaign. Create a campaign and use the personalisation tag to add the 'Coupon' to the email. In this case, this means adding %COUPON% where you want to display the code.




6. Set the automation to 'Active'.


How do I set up the integration in Coupon Carrier?

Please note: Coupon Carrier is not available in Dutch. Therefore, the associated images and explanations may be in English.


1. Create a new 'Code Email configuration' in Coupon Carrier and choose ActiveCampaign as the trigger app. Then click on 'Add Account', after which a window will open where you need to log in with your MailBlue credentials.



2. Once logged in, select 'Trigger when a tag is added to a contact' as the Code Email trigger and enter the tag used in your MailBlue automation. In this example, it is 'add_code'.



3. Next, choose the custom field where the code should be stored, select 'Coupon' (or another custom field you have used), and choose the option 'Save the code to the selected field'.



4. Now select the source for your codes. If you already have a list of unique codes that you want to distribute among your subscribers, you can import your codes into a code list. If you are using an e-commerce platform supported by Coupon Carrier, you can choose to have codes generated automatically. In this example, we choose an existing code list with some codes already on it.



5. Save the changes by clicking 'Save Changes' and then click on 'Activate Configuration'. From now on, Coupon Carrier will start monitoring tags added to contacts in your MailBlue account.



You are now ready to test the integration by adding a contact to your MailBlue automation. This can be done manually or by activating the start trigger. In our example earlier in this article, the automation triggers when a contact is added to the 'Test List Coupon Carrier'.

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