How do the subscription plans work, and what are the differences?

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How do the subscription types work at MailBlue?

When purchasing a subscription or considering upgrading or downgrading, it is wise to inform yourself about the various subscription options so that you can make an informed choice. It is important to consider three key factors: the type of subscription, the number of contacts, and whether you have or want to choose a yearly or monthly subscription.

Types of subscriptions

When purchasing a subscription or considering an upgrade, you have the choice of three subscription types: Lite, Plus, and Professional. The Lite subscription is the least comprehensive and also the most affordable type. Next is Plus, and lastly, we have the Professional subscription. If you want to know the differences and what to expect from these different subscription types, you can refer to the next section in this help article: "What are the differences between a Lite, Plus, and Professional package?"

On our website, you can find the full pricing page. Here you can compare the functionalities per package and calculate the cost of paying annually or monthly. However, if you decide to upgrade during your subscription period, the price will be adjusted based on what you have already paid and how much remaining time is left in your subscription period. Upon renewal of your subscription, you will then pay the full price again. The renewal date of the subscription always falls on the same day as when you originally requested the subscription. For example, if you requested your yearly subscription on 12-01-2023, it will renew annually on the 12th. If you requested your monthly subscription on 12-01-2023, it will renew monthly on the 12th.

Number of contacts

At MailBlue, we work with subscriptions that are based, among other things, on the number of contacts. This means that, with the exception of very large contact numbers, you can send unlimited emails. Your subscription is based on the number of active contacts you manage. An active contact is an email address that is subscribed to at least one list.

It is important to know that subscription plans indicate a maximum. If you choose a subscription with 1000 contacts, you can manage a maximum of 1000 active contacts in your account. If you exceed this number, your account will be limited, and you may not be able to send new campaigns, for example. Regardless of the type of subscription you have, you can always increase your contact limit.

For example, if you have 300 contacts in your account, you can choose a subscription with 500 contacts. If you manage 700 contacts, you can opt for the 1000 contacts subscription. Our advice is to maintain sufficient space in your subscription type. This way, you can avoid unexpected upgrades or ad-hoc upgrades.

Difference between monthly and annual subscription

When choosing your subscription, you have the option to choose between a monthly or annual version. With a monthly subscription, your subscription renews monthly, while an annual subscription renews once a year.

Although this may seem straightforward at first glance, there are some important things to know:

  • When renewing your subscription, you pay in advance for a month or a year.
  • It is always possible to downgrade, regardless of your subscription type.
  • In the case of a mid-term downgrade, you will not receive a refund. The new amount will be applied at your next renewal. Therefore, if you want to switch easily and benefit from the downgrade sooner, a monthly subscription is more convenient.
  • You can always upgrade, regardless of the version you have (including annual subscriptions). The upgrade will be applied immediately.
  • When upgrading, what you have already paid and the remaining days or months in your subscription period will always be taken into account. For example, if your annual subscription renews on 01-01 and you upgrade on 01-10, the amount you already paid on 01-01 will be taken into account, plus the number of remaining months. In this case, you will pay for the remaining 3 months, with the amount you already paid being taken into account. At the next renewal on 01-01, you will then pay the full price for that subscription type for the upcoming year.
  • Annual subscriptions are cheaper than monthly subscriptions, as a reward for the longer commitment and reduced flexibility.
  • If you want to switch from a monthly version to an annual version, you can do this yourself via the customer portal.
  • Conversely (from annual to monthly) is (almost) not possible. If you wish to switch to a monthly subscription for certain reasons, such as financial reasons, you can submit this request to the Support Team. Only when you are in the last month of your annual subscription, it is possible for the support team to change your annual version to a monthly subscription. The following month, your subscription will renew as a monthly version.

Additional features

At MailBlue, it is not only possible to subscribe to our software, but you can also purchase Zapier and Sales CRM through our website. Zapier is a standalone service. The Sales CRM is included in your subscription. The cost for an additional service is in addition to your subscription costs.


Zapier is a paid tool that is also separate from your subscription (costs). It is a powerful tool that allows you to easily create connections between different apps and services, even if they do not naturally integrate with each other. With Zapier, you can create so-called "Zaps," which are automatic workflows that trigger certain actions in one app and then automatically perform actions in other apps.

You can directly obtain the tool from Zapier and create your own connections. Or if you prefer to outsource the creation of connections, you can subscribe to a Zapier plan through MailBlue. We will build and manage all connections for you. Curious about the benefits of subscribing to Zapier through MailBlue? Then go directly to the next help article: What are the benefits of subscribing to Zapier through MailBlue?

CRM / Deals

In order to offer MailBlue users an even more relevant offer, without users paying for functionalities they do not need, the Sales CRM system will be a separate 'add-on'. If you decide to upgrade or downgrade after June 5, 2023, you will be included in the new subscription structures and will need to purchase the MailBlue-CRM add-on additionally. This is only available on a Plus or Professional subscription.

The MailBlue CRM system helps you improve your customer relationships, increase efficiency, and make better decisions based on valuable data and insights. It provides an integrated solution for contact management, sales management, automation, and reporting, allowing you to streamline your business processes and improve your business results.

What are the differences between a Lite, Plus, and Professional subscription?

When purchasing a subscription or considering upgrading or downgrading, it is also wise to thoroughly inform yourself about the differences between the various package types you can subscribe to at MailBlue.

The Lite subscription

Within a Lite package from MailBlue, you already have access to many features;

  • With a Lite subscription, you can create unlimited email campaigns, including over 200 campaign templates. Think, for example, of a template to design a newsletter.
  • Furthermore, you also get access to the automations, including over 850 "recipes" to guide you in the right direction and save time.
  • You also have access to various campaign and automation reports to measure the performance of your content.
  • Within this subscription, you can also assign specific tags to contacts based on different criteria, allowing you to segment your contacts.
  • With a Lite subscription, you also have access to over 870 integrations to establish connections with other external software.
  • You can create a maximum of 1 user per account. Any additional users need to be purchased separately. If you would like more information on this, please contact us.

The Lite package can be obtained from a package that allows you to reach up to 500 contacts.

The Plus subscription

In addition to the benefits of a Lite subscription, it may also be interesting for you to upgrade to a Plus subscription. Below you will find an overview of all the benefits that come with a Plus subscription:

  • If you subscribe to a Plus subscription, you can also opt for the CRM system as an additional add-on. See also earlier in this help article: CRM / Deals
  • With a Plus subscription, you can also assign points to your leads. For example, when they visit a specific page or make a purchase, you can increase their point score. Based on the point score of your contacts, you can make relevant offers and/or adjust the frequency of your email campaigns. Furthermore, you can also assign these points to your deals.
  • Within the Plus subscription, direct "deep-data" integrations are possible, such as with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more. This allows you to set up more advanced automations, such as the Abandoned Cart automation (with deep-data integration).
  • There is a direct integration with Facebook and Instagram custom Audiences. This allows you to automatically add contacts to a custom audience based on various actions.
  • You gain access to the Automation Map, which allows you to see exactly which automations are connected.
  • There are more types of forms available to integrate on your website than just the inline form. You can also integrate pop-ups and modal forms.
  • You can set up to 3 users per account with a Plus subscription, and access and permissions within the account can be set per user. In contrast to a Lite subscription, which only allows one user. If you need more than 3 users, this can be purchased at an additional cost. If you are interested, please contact us.
  • With a Plus subscription, you also gain access to the integration with Google Ads. The integration between MailBlue and Google Ads makes it easy to sync contacts/leads to and from Google Ads. Data is synchronised in two ways; Customer Match and Lead Sync. More information about this integration can be found here.

A Plus subscription is available from a package that allows you to reach up to 1,000 contacts.

The Professional subscription

Of course, with a Plus subscription, you already have a lot of features, but you may want to take your MailBlue account to an even higher level. By upgrading to a Professional subscription, you will have access to all Lite and Plus features, as well as many other extras:

  • With a Professional subscription, you can use Attributes, an advanced tool that allows you to measure conversions and touchpoints. This enables you to determine if your campaigns are reaching contacts correctly and if you are achieving your goals. This information allows you to further refine your customer journey and make optimal use of these insights.
  • You will have access to website notifications, also known as pop-up features. This allows you to make your messages or opt-in processes stand out even more to potential customers and website visitors.
  • With a Professional subscription, you can also use Predictive Sending. This functionality allows you to send each email at the most ideal moment. For example, if data analysis shows that one of your contacts usually reads their emails around 10:13 am, the system will adjust the sending time of your campaigns to achieve the highest possible open rate.
  • If you want to determine which path works best and yields the most results within an automation, for example in terms of opens or sales, you can use A/B testing in your automations. This allows you to, for example, set up contacts to follow a different route in your funnel after a certain date or time.
  • With a Professional account, you can add up to 5 users. If you need more than 5 users, this can be purchased at an additional cost. If you are interested, please contact us.

A Professional subscription is available from a package that allows you to manage up to 2,500 active contacts.


Any more questions?

If you are sufficiently informed about MailBlue's new subscription options and would like to purchase a subscription or upgrade your account, you can find more information about the features our packages offer on our pricing page. If you have any questions about specific features, easily ask your question via our chat (during office hours) or send us a message.



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