How can I use my partner discount code?

In this article, we will explain how to use the discount code you received from a partner. There are various conditions to consider.

Please note, different rules apply to SMO discount codes. This article is only about partner codes.

In this article, we will cover the following:

Conditions for your discount code

When you opt for a Lite 500 annual subscription, you can use MailBlue for free for one year. If you choose a different annual subscription, the discount will be applied as 108 euros, equivalent to a Lite 500 annual subscription.

Attention! The discount code you received is only valid for the annual versions of our subscription plans. If you choose a monthly subscription, the discount code will not work. Additionally, the credit can only be used by new customers. New customers also include trial accounts.

Please note that by requesting a subscription, you are giving consent for its automatic renewal. You can read about this on our legal information page.

If you wish to prevent your subscription from automatically renewing, you must cancel it before the renewal date. You can then use the account until the renewal date once your cancellation is finalised. The subscription will not renew if you cancel on the renewal date.

Applying the discount code to a trial account

If you currently have a trial account, you can convert it to a subscription using your discount code. Convert the account and add your discount code during the conversion process in the designated discount code field. If your trial account has already expired, no problem. You can convert it at any time, whether it has expired or is still active.

When choosing your subscription type, consider the conditions of the discount code.

Applying the discount code to a new account

If you do not have a trial account yet, you can request a completely new subscription and apply the discount code. When choosing your subscription type, consider the conditions of the discount code.



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