Why does my campaign have so many link clicks?

If your campaign has multiple link clicks per contact, this may be due to virus protection or a type of security scan in the contact's inbox. This excessive or "false" click activity can occur when the email is delivered to the contact's inbox.

Unfortunately, this is something that MailBlue cannot control. False clicks are displayed as "real" clicks or opens in MailBlue because it is not possible to distinguish whether a contact is performing the action or if it is the virus protection/security scan.

This issue typically occurs with business email accounts, as most personal email accounts do not apply the same virus or security measures.

If you suspect that your link clicks are fake, we recommend the following actions:

  • Create a segment of contacts who have opened an email or clicked on a link and exclude those with business email addresses.
  • Collect personal email addresses instead of business email addresses.
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