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This help article contains information about the functions of the menu bar in the Email Designer within MailBlue.

You can find the Email Designer in MailBlue by creating a new campaign under 'Campaigns'. Then, you give the campaign a name and select to which list(s) you want to send the campaign. Under 'Choose a template type', select 'Email Designer'.

If you prefer to watch a video on how to work with the MailBlue Email Designer, you can watch the video here.

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Menu bar

At the top of the Email Designer, you will find the menu bar. Below are the functions that the menu bar offers.

Screen­shot 2023-09-08 at 14.36.59.pngScreen­shot 2023-09-08 at 14.37.12.png

Campaign name

Before you can start designing a campaign, you need to give the campaign a name. In the menu bar, you can still change that name at any time by clicking on the campaign name. Then you can start typing directly, and click 'Save' to confirm the new campaign name.

Revision history

If you have worked on a campaign before, you can select a previous version in the revision history and load it into the Email Designer. This is very useful if you accidentally deleted something or if you think your campaign looked better in a previous version.

For more information on revision history, you can use this help article.


With this function, the Email Designer goes back one step and undoes the last change made.


With this function, after undoing a change, the Email Designer reverts the change back.


This function allows you to view, modify, or supplement the HTML/CSS code of your campaign.

For more information on how to best use the code function within MailBlue, you can read this help article.


With this function, you can preview how your campaign looks on desktop and mobile. You can also send a test email from here.

Test email

With this function, you can send the campaign as a test email to an email address of your choice. The campaign will be sent with 'TEST: email subject'.


Here you will find important settings for the campaign, such as the subject, sender email address, and spam check.


Here you can adjust the subject of the campaign. The subject is what your recipients will see as the email subject line.

You can use this help article to adjust the subject of your campaign.

Pre-header text

With a pre-header text, you can make your campaigns stand out and ensure that more contacts open your campaign. It is like an additional subject line that your contacts will see next to the standard subject line in their email overview. You can add some more information here and give a preview of the campaign.

You can use this help article to add pre-header text to your campaign.


You can change the sender email address here. This is the email address from which you want to send the campaign.

You can use this help article to change the sender email address of your campaign.

Reply to

You can change the reply-to email address here. This is the email address to which recipients can reply to your campaign if you want the reply to go to a different email address than the sender email address.

Automatically create a text version of this email

With this feature, MailBlue automatically includes a text version of your email/campaign with your designed campaign. This is beneficial for the recipient's spam filters, as the spam filters can make a better assessment of what the email is about without the formatting of the full email.

Test your campaign

With this feature, you can send the campaign as a test email to an email address of your choice. The campaign will then be sent with 'TEST: email subject'. This is the same feature as discussed earlier in this article, just in a different location in the Email Designer.



Spam check

MailBlue performs a spam check for every campaign and automation emails you create. The tool scans the content of your message and displays the results under 'Summary' and in the settings of your email.

If nothing unusual is found during the check, you will see a green checkmark. Otherwise, you will receive a notification indicating what may impact the deliverability of your campaign.



For more information about the spam check for campaigns, you can find it in this help article.


Are you about to send a campaign but don't know how? Then read this help article!


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