How do I use the Integration between Plug & Pay and MailBlue (with Deep Data Integration)?

In this article, we will show you step by step how to create a Deep Data Integration between MailBlue and your Plug & Pay payment page.

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What is the difference between a regular integration and a 'Deep Data' integration?

If you currently have a Lite account with MailBlue, Deep Data is not available. You can upgrade your account to a Plus account or use the Plug & Pay integration for Lite accounts to easily add contacts to a list, assign a tag, modify a field, or add a contact to an automation.

All users with a Plus, Professional, or Enterprise subscription with MailBlue can use the Deep Data Integration free of charge. This integration is recommended for these accounts.

As part of the Deep Data Integration, all customer orders are displayed on the customer card in MailBlue. This gives you immediate visibility of all order data and the lifetime value of your customer.

Plug and Pay - Deep Data.png

Importantly, Deep Data provides immediate insights into the revenues of your marketing campaigns. By sending the realized revenues from Plug & Pay through the Deep Data Integration to MailBlue, the revenue from automations and campaigns is automatically recorded in the marketing revenue reports. This way, you know immediately what a mailing or automation is generating for you.

Marketing report.png

How to use Deep Data for segmentation

The Deep Data Integration between MailBlue and Plug & Pay provides valuable insights into orders that you can use for segmentation.

You can create a segment based on:

- The total revenue of a customer (customer value)

- The total number of orders from a customer, allowing you to give extra thanks when someone makes a purchase for the fifth time

- The total number of purchased products

- Last order date, to reactivate customers who haven't made a purchase in over 2 months

- Last ordered product ID

- Last ordered product SKU

- Last ordered product name

- Order date

- Product name in each order

- Product ID in each order

- Product SKU in each order

Getting started with the Deep Data integration

If you have a Plus, Professional, or Enterprise subscription with MailBlue, you can use this integration free of charge.

Request the integration easily via this link. After requesting the integration, it will be active within 15 minutes, and your orders will be imported into your MailBlue account every night.

  1. Click on this link to start the request.

  2. Enter your name & email address. Use the email address you use to log in to your MailBlue account.

  3. Enter the API URL and API key. Where to find this information, read here.

  4. Create a Plug & Pay API key and enter it in the form.

    • You can find the API key in Plug&Pay under Settings > Integrations > Developers. Create a new API key here. Give it a recognisable name and copy the API key.

    • api-key-plugandpay.png

  5. You're done! Give us 15 minutes to complete the integration. Historical orders will not be imported, only new orders placed after the integration will be sent to MailBlue.

Smart tip: a customer who places an order is not automatically added to a mailing list. You can create an automation where someone who makes a purchase is also added to a mailing list.

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