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What are the costs of SMS via MailBlue?

To be able to send SMS messages, you first need to purchase so-called "SMS credits". This can be done via MailBlue at a price of € 0.065 per SMS credit excl. VAT. You can purchase these credits in bulk. Below you will find an overview of the bulk quantities and their corresponding prices:

Number of credits Cost
1,000 credits € 65,-
2,500 credits € 162.50
5,000 credits € 325,-
10,000 credits € 650,-
15,000 credits € 975,-
30,000 credits € 1950,-
50,000 credits € 3250,-
75,000 credits € 4875,-
100,000 credits € 6500,-


Please note: SMS credits are valid for one year, after which they will expire.

How can I activate SMS in my account?

To activate SMS within your MailBlue account, you simply need to submit a request for it. This request will be processed within two business days, after which you will receive a message from us once it is ready. You don't need to do anything else, just fill out the request form.

Click here to submit a request.


How can I use SMS in an automation?

Once your request has been processed by us, you can start sending SMS messages through steps in automations.

Please note: It is not allowed to send SMS messages without a clear opt-in. Make sure you have permission from your contacts to send them SMS messages.

To use SMS in an automation, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new automation, or open the automation from which you want to send SMS messages.
  2. Navigate to the search bar on the right side of your screen, and search for 'MailBlue':

  3. Then drag the 'MailBlue - Send an SMS' step to the desired location.

  4. NOTE: The first time you use SMS in an automation, you will be asked for an 'API Token'. You can find the token in the confirmation email after your request. Make sure to save this API token securely, as the link in the email has limited validity.
    Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 19.30.11.png
  5. Have you already added an API Token? Click 'Select' next to the available account. If nothing is displayed here, please contact our Support department.

  6. Enter the desired sender name in 'Sender'. Please consider the limitations listed below the text box. 
    1. Note: Sender name or number. This can be a maximum of 14 digits or 11 alphanumeric characters long. Only the following characters are allowed: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and comma/dots. No spaces or special characters.
    2. Information for Belgium: Recipients in Belgium will always see 8810 as the sender. For Belgium, the used sender name will be overwritten by a registered short code. For MailBlue SMS, the short code is 8810. 
  7. Next, enter '3311' in 'Route'. SMS generally has different routes for different types of messages, with the default MailBlue route containing the value 3311
  8. Compose a message in 'Enter a message'. You can also use personalization tags by clicking on the "lightning bolt icon" at the bottom right of the text box. 
    1. Note: SMS messages have a maximum length, read more about it here.
  9. If you have followed the above steps, your SMS action will look like this:

    Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 19.36.09.png

  10. Click 'Finish', and don't forget to set the automation to 'Active'.

As long as a phone number is known in the contact profile, contacts will now receive an SMS once they pass this step in the automation path. 


How can I top up my SMS credits?

If you want to send SMS messages to your contacts but have run out of credits, don't worry, you can easily top up with the same costs. 

Contact our Support department, and submit a request to top up your SMS credits. One of our Support agents will then ask for confirmation of the amount of credits and the associated price. Once you have agreed, we will proceed with topping up your SMS credits. 

After this has been successful, our Billing department will create an invoice for the upgraded SMS credits.

Subsequently, you will receive a final confirmation via email, after which you can continue sending SMS to your contacts without any worries.

Phone number format

To ensure that SMS messages reach the recipient, phone numbers in the phone number field must be formatted in the following standard: [country code][phone number]. For example: +45612345677 or +32481234567. Without adding a country code, the message will not be delivered. An SMS can be sent to phone numbers with only the following formats:

  • +32 612345678
  • +32(0)612345678
  • +32612345678
  • 326412345678
  • 320612345678
  • 32 06 12 34 56 78
  • 00326412345678
  • 00320612345678
  • 0032 06 12 34 56 78
  • +326-12 34 56 78

Please note: The use of country codes is not necessary for Dutch phone numbers. Here, you can simply use the "usual" format: 0612345678

Which countries is it possible to send SMS messages to?

It is possible to send SMS messages to the following countries (A-Z) at a price of 1 credit per SMS:

Albania (+355)

Luxembourg (+45)

Belgium (+32)*

Norway (+47)

Denmark (+45)

Austria (+43)

Germany (+49) Poland (+48)
Finland (+358) Portugal (+351)
France (+33) Romania (+40)
Greece (+30) Spain (+34)
Hungary (+36) Czech Republic (+420)
Ireland (+353) United Kingdom (+44)
Italy (+39) Sweden (+46)
Croatia (+385) Switzerland (+41)

Do you want to send SMS messages to a country that is not listed above? Contact our Support department to submit a special request for this purpose. 

* Belgium does not support sender names, only a short code is allowed. The short code for MailBlue SMS is 8810. Senders will not see your name in an SMS message, but the short code 8810 instead.

Maximum number of characters per SMS

An SMS can consist of a maximum of 160 characters. If the message contains unicode characters, such as emojis or Chinese characters, the SMS can contain a maximum of 70 characters. If an SMS exceeds the aforementioned number of characters, multiple messages will be sent, and multiple credits will be charged. 

Plain text

Number of characters Number of SMS*
1 - 160 1
161 - 306 2
307 - 459 3
460 - 612 4
613 - 765 5
766 - 918 6
919 - 1071 7
1072 - 1224 8
1225 - 1377 9
1378 - 1530 10

Unicode text

Number of characters Number of SMS*
1 - 70 1
71 - 134 2
135 - 201 3
202 - 268 4
269 - 335 5
336 - 402 6
403 - 469 7
470 - 536 8
537 - 603 9
604 - 670 10

* 1 SMS is 1 credit

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