How can I send emails in multiple languages?

For an international audience, it is often desirable to send an email in multiple languages. This way, you can follow up with customers after they have signed up or made a purchase. In this article, you will learn how to set up this follow-up for different languages.

Please note: Before you can follow the steps below to send an email based on a language preference, it is important to include the contact's language preference in the contact profile as an custom contact field or as a tag. If you haven't done this yet, it is recommended to do so first. Only after that, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Create an automation in which you will process the follow-up. Choose the starting trigger as the action you want to follow up on, for example, when contacts sign up for a list or when they make a purchase.
  2. In this automation, add an if/else step. With this step, you create the split for the different languages in which you want to follow up with contacts.
  3. By selecting this step, a condition builder will appear. Using this condition builder, you can check what the contact's preferred language is. If you have processed the language preference in a custom field, set the following condition: [name of the custom field] > 'is' > Dutch. If you have processed the language preference as a tag in the contact profile, set the following condition: 'Tag' > 'is' > Dutch.
  4. Contacts who have 'Dutch' in the custom field or as a tag will follow the yes path of the if/else step. Here, you can follow up with them with a Dutch email. Contacts who do not have this will follow the no path and you can follow up with them with an English email.


    Please note: Contacts who do not have any entry in the custom field or do not have the set tag will also follow the no path. They will receive the English email in this example. English is a global language and therefore understandable for most recipients. If you work with languages other than Dutch and English, it is good to keep an eye on which email contacts receive if they do not meet any of the set conditions.
  5. Under the email segmentation, you can further follow up on the processes with all desired automation steps.

Tip: If you wish to process more than two languages, you can create a follow-up by linking multiple if/else steps together. If someone meets the conditions, that contact will follow the yes path and receive an email in that language. If someone does not meet the conditions, the next preferred language will be checked.




If you prefer to send a standalone email instead of an automated email, you can create multiple campaigns, setting a segment for the desired language preference. Additionally, you can also work with conditional content, more about which you can read in this article.





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