How do I create a link with LearnSpot?

You can connect LearnSpot and MailBlue through Zapier. This is a tool that allows you to connect multiple types of software. Not familiar with Zapier yet? First read this article.

How does the integration work?

For example, if you want to grant someone access to a module in LearnSpot as soon as they are added to a list in MailBlue, or if you want to send a specific email after someone has completed a module, you can use this integration.

In Zapier, you can specify exactly which action should result from which trigger.

First, you choose which apps you want to connect. For LearnSpot, you need to search for the app LearnDash in Zapier. For MailBlue, you choose the app ActiveCampaign.

It looks like this:


Once you have selected a start trigger and action, click on 'Make a Zap'.

First, Zapier will ask you to link your LearnDash and ActiveCampaign (MailBlue) accounts with API data. You can find the LearnSpot (LearnDash) API key in your LearnSpot environment:

  • Click on 'Trainingen' in the menu and then 'Zapier'
  • Here you will find the API key. You can enter this in Zapier
  • For the API URL, copy your personal LearnSpot URL. You need to select everything before the slash '/', for example:

You can find the MailBlue API data (ActiveCampaign) here.

Then you can go through all the steps of the Zap and specify which data you want to send back and forth between the two software.


For instance, if you want to assign a tag in MailBlue once someone has completed a course in LearnSpot.

  1. You then make the following combination:


  2. Next, you will be asked to log in to LearnDash and enter the API data (as described earlier in this article):


  3. After logging in, select your account and you can test the start trigger of Zapier.
  4. Zapier then retrieves data from your LearnSpot account of a sample contact who has completed a course (in this case):


  5. Next, proceed to the action, namely 'create/update contact in ActiveCampaign'. Here too, you log in using the API data.

  6. Next, you will be asked which fields / information you want to link to MailBlue. For example, you can specify which list they should be subscribed to and therefore fill in which tag they should receive. You must also provide the email address. Once you click here, you will see the data of the sample contact and you can link the email address:


  7. After linking the fields, click 'Continue'. You can then test the Zap. After the test, you can check if the sample contact has been successfully added to your MailBlue account and has received the correct information.

  8. Give your Zap a name in the top left corner and use the slider on the right to turn on your Zap. From that moment on, everyone who has completed a course will be added to your MailBlue account in this way.

For more information on how Zapier works exactly, you can read this guide.

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