How can I add or change my profile picture in MailBlue?

The profile picture displayed in the lower left corner of your MailBlue account is sourced from an external service called Gravatar. The image in your Gravatar account represents you online when interacting with websites and is linked to your email address.


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Create a new profile picture with Gravatar

If you don't have a profile picture in MailBlue and you want to add one, go to the Gravatar website and click on 'Create your own Gravatar'. Follow the steps to create a free Gravatar account and make sure to use the same email address you use to log in to your MailBlue account.

To add a new profile picture:

1. Log in to your Gravatar account and click on 'Add a new image'.

2. Choose the upload option you want to work with. You can choose from:

  • Upload new
  • From URL
  • Previous uploads
  • From webcam

3. Follow the instructions to select the image you want to use and choose a rating.

4. On the 'Manage Gravatars' page, click on the image you just uploaded and click 'Confirm'.

The photo you selected will appear in your MailBlue account within moments.

Change your profile picture with Gravatar

1. Click on 'Settings' in the menu on the left side of your MailBlue account.
2. Click on the 'Gravatar' link that appears in the Profile Picture section.


3. You will be redirected to Gravatar. Log in to your Gravatar account.

4. Select a different image by clicking on it.

5. Click the 'Confirm' button.

It may take some time for the photo you select to appear in your MailBlue account.

View Gravatar's technical support documentation.

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