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Bonjoro is a tool that allows users to easily and in real-time create a personal one-on-one video to send immediately. With the direct integration with MailBlue, it is possible to easily add a Bonjoro task to your email marketing automation. This way, you can truly engage in personal interaction with your contacts.

Some examples to improve contact interactions and customer experiences include: welcome videos when someone has purchased a product/service from you, thank you videos when upgrading a subscription, but also videos to celebrate birthdays or other milestones. With the convenient direct integration with MailBlue, you can easily create that personal approach and engagement with your contacts at the right moment.

"An automation combined with a personal touch,
is how Bonjoro can help you succeed."

This article covers:

By using the direct integration between Bonjoro and MailBlue, you can add a Bonjoro action/task anywhere in your MailBlue automation, so you are immediately notified when the time has come to record a real-time video! This ensures that your video is sent at the right moment, as you know exactly where your contact is in the automation.


Benefits of the Bonjoro integration:

  • Stand out in the inbox of your new and existing customers with real and personalised videos
  • Add call-to-actions (CTAs) to your videos to encourage customer action
  • Get more responses and build deeper relationships with your customers
  • Read more about the benefits in this MailBlue blog about Bonjoro

How do I create the direct integration from Bonjoro?

  • Create a Bonjoro account and log in.
  • Click on 'Integrations' in the top menu bar and select 'ActiveCampaign'. MailBlue is the Dutch reseller of the American ActiveCampaign and therefore uses the same software. Read more about our partnership in this help article.
  • Click on 'Connect with Bonjoro' to establish the direct integration from your Bonjoro account.


You will now see an overview with a number of steps to set up the connection and desired workflow. This is somewhat similar to the interface of Zapier. It is recommended to adjust the title of your workflow to a clear name. This way, you will know exactly what this workflow is created for. Once again, select 'ActiveCampaign' in the first step.


Now you will be asked for a 'Trigger'. This will ensure that you receive a notification when a contact in your MailBlue account meets this 'Trigger'. Then, enter your MailBlue API key / developer settings to establish the connection between your Bonjoro and MailBlue account.


Next, Bonjoro will ask for the specific account. You can optionally choose a 'Test' workflow here, but it is recommended to directly select your own 'Selected' MailBlue account. As a final step, you need to select a mailing list.

You can also add a 'Filter', or choose to work with 'If/Else' steps in your MailBlue automations as a type of filter.

Screenshot_2022-06-04_at_13.11.04.png   Screenshot_2022-06-04_at_13.11.39.png

In the 'Do this' step, under the 'Customised' section, you need to fill in the 'Required' fields. This includes the reason for creating a Bonjoro task and which colleague will handle this task. Then, you can activate the workflow by clicking on 'Set live'.

Screenshot_2022-06-04_at_13.13.43.png Screenshot_2022-06-04_at_13.14.10.png

You can find the created workflow in your Bonjoro account under 'Integrations' in the top menu bar. Also, in your MailBlue account under 'Apps' > 'Linked apps', you will now find Bonjoro.



How do I create a direct connection from MailBlue?

Watch the video below to see how to create a link from a MailBlue automation. Please note: you need to be logged in to your Bonjoro account in a separate tab for this.

Below you will find an overview of your Bonjoro tasks when a new task is triggered through your MailBlue automation:


You can customise the email formatting in your Bonjoro account to match your desired branding. To do this, navigate to 'Templates' in the top menu bar.

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