How do I add conditional content to my emails?

Conditional content can be added to your emails with a Plus and Professional subscription.

In this article, you will learn what conditional content is, how you can use it, and how to set it up in the email designer.

What is conditional content?

By using conditional content, you can ensure that you address different target groups with one campaign. This is based on certain settings that you can apply to a content block, so that only contacts who meet specific conditions will see the content block.

You can use conditional content to, among other things:

  • Display a different product image depending on the contact's interests.
  • Make an offer based on how long someone has been subscribed to your list.
  • Show specific information only to people who have not made a purchase yet.

By applying this personalisation to your campaigns, you increase the relevance of your emails for each individual contact. This improves the relationship with your contacts, your open rate, your conversion rate, and the deliverability of your emails.

How do I add conditional content to my emails?

  1. Open the campaign or automation email to which you want to add a conditional content block and go to the 'Design' step.
  2. Hover over the container block that you want to make conditional. When you hover over it, you will see three dots appear:


3. Click here to open the conditional content builder.


4. The condition builder will appear. Here you can set conditions to create a filter for the contacts who should/should not see the content block. For example, if you want to display an image of dog food based on the 'dog' tag, you would set the following to reach only contacts who have this specific tag. Others will not see this content block.

5. Click 'Save' to save these settings.


6. Repeat the same steps to make the cat food block conditional. Select 'Tag is' > 'Cat' as the condition here.

This way, the cat food will only be visible to contacts with the 'cat' tag, and dog food will only be visible to contacts with the 'dog' tag.


Please note: If you filter contacts based on a contact field with multiple values (which are separated by commas in the contact profile field), you need to fill in the condition builder as follows: [name of the contact field] > Contains > [value to filter on].

An example of this is a contact field where contact interests are included. If a contact fills in/indicates multiple interests on a form, these will be included in one contact field, separated by commas. If you want to filter on one of these interests, you need to specify in the condition builder of the conditional content that the field contains that interest. This way, all contacts will be checked to see if the specific interest is included in the contact field, rather than checking if the entire field is equal to only the set interest.

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