How do I integrate with Typeform?

With the direct Typeform integration, you can link multiple Typeform accounts and forms to your MailBlue account. The integration is available for all types of Typeform and MailBlue subscriptions.

How does the integration work?

  • The integration does not directly add contacts to a list in MailBlue. If you use Typeform to collect contacts who have opted to receive marketing communications from you, you could use the 'Add to list' automation action in MailBlue to still add the contacts to your list
  • There is no limit to the number of fields you can add to your Typeform form
  • Typeform fields can only be added to existing fields in your MailBlue account. To add Typeform fields to your MailBlue account, you must first create them in MailBlue. The integration itself does not create new fields in MailBlue

How do I make the integration?

Below, we show you how to link your Typeform account to your MailBlue account, link the forms to MailBlue, and add fields to your MailBlue account.

Setting up the integration

  1. Click on 'Apps' at the bottom left of your MailBlue account and search for 'Typeform'.

  2. Click on the button 'Add an account'

    at the top right. If you are already logged into your Typeform account, you will be redirected to an authorization page. Click on the 'Accept' button to proceed. If you are not logged into your Typeform account yet, you will be asked to log in and then authorize the login.


  3. To use all the features of the integration, click on 'Set up' and select the account you want to add.

  4. Next, select the desired Typeform form you want to link and then click on 'Continue'.


  5. You can now map the Typeform form fields to your MailBlue fields. Note that the email address is a required field in your MailBlue account. Typeform forms that do not request an email address cannot be synchronized with your MailBlue account.

  6. You can add any additional fields from your Typeform form to contact fields in your MailBlue account. To do this, click on 'Add field mapping'. Repeat these steps for each additional field you want to add.


  7. Once you have added the desired fields, click on the 'Finish' button.

    A confirmation message will appear on the Typeform app page in your MailBlue account. This message will inform you that your settings have been saved. Your linked Typeform form will appear at the top of your Typeform forms. The Typeform integration will also appear on the 'Linked Apps' page in your MailBlue account.


View the webhook in Typeform

A webhook is generated for each form you link to your MailBlue account. You can find this webhook in your Typeform account and it is used to send all form submission data to your MailBlue account.

To view the webhook, log in to your Typeform account and click on the relevant Typeform form. Then click on the 'Connect' button in the middle at the top and then on 'Webhooks'.


View synchronised contacts in MailBlue

Contacts who fill in a linked Typeform form will be synchronised immediately with your MailBlue account. A contact profile will be created or updated for them. Contacts added to your MailBlue account via these form submissions will receive two tags on their profile:

  • Typeform integration
  • Typeform integration[yourformname]-form

Good to know: form submissions from this integration do not add a site tracking cookie to contacts.


Update field mapping

You can update the field mapping of your linked Typeform forms at any time. Once the field mapping has been updated, all submissions going forward will have the new mapping settings. It does not change fields for contacts who have already submitted the form before this update.

To edit field mapping for your Typeform form fields:

  1. Go to 'Apps' in the bottom left of your MailBlue account and click on 'Linked apps > Typeform'.
  2. Click on the form you want to update.
  3. Find the field for which you want to change the mapping and use the drop-down menus for this.
  4. Click 'Finish' when you are done.


How do I unlink a Typeform form?

When you remove a Typeform form from your MailBlue account, it means that your MailBlue account will stop receiving submission data from your Typeform form. You can always link the form with your account again in the future if you wish.

To unlink a form, go to 'Apps > Linked apps > Typeform' in your MailBlue account and click on 'Remove' next to the relevant Typeform form.

A pop-up window will appear asking if you are sure you want to remove the Typeform form. Click on 'Disconnect'.

Good to know: future submissions from this form will not be synchronised with your MailBlue account. The webhook will also be removed from your Typeform account. Unlinking the form will not delete previously synchronised data. Your Typeform account will still be connected even if you remove a Typeform form.




How do I disconnect my Typeform account?

You can disconnect your Typeform account from your MailBlue account. By doing this, it means:

  • Your Typeform account will no longer be listed under 'Apps > Linked apps'
  • Data will no longer be transferred from your Typeform account to your MailBlue account
  • All previously synchronised data will not be removed from your MailBlue account

To disconnect your Typeform account, go to 'Apps > Linked apps > Typeform' in your MailBlue account and click on 'Disconnect account'.

A pop-up window will appear asking if you are sure you want to disconnect the Typeform account. Click on 'Disconnect'. The Typeform account will be disconnected from your MailBlue account.


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